Tools for Healthy Meals

13 Sep

Once way to help motivate you to eat healthier and cook from scratch is to get some exciting cooking tools! I use my protein shaker almost every day for my protein shakes. Blenders are great for making smoothies and veggie drinks.

One item I am looking to get my hands on is the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender. This handy little contraption looks like SO much fun to use! I heard it is absolutely fantastic at making soups – especially with large dense veggies. It is very powerful so even the thickest celery stick doesn’t stand a chance. I can’t wait to try some homemade salsa!

Once I get one, I will post a bunch of healthy recipes that you can make with it. I will also post a full review here so you can see if it’s worth it for you to try…or maybe you already have one and love it already?! If anyone has any experience, leave a message with your thoughts.

Raise your cups (and hand blenders lol) to healthy living!





What’s the Best Workout for Me?

4 Sep

The best workout is the one that you will do!  Almost anything will work and provide results if you stick to it.  So, it’s important to pick something that is fun or exciting for yourself. 

Do you need motivation from others?  Get a workout buddy and schedule workouts together.  Or, you can do them yourself but check in with your friend and/or family and keep motivating each other.  When you make a goal public, there is more pressure (aka motivation) to stick to it. 

If you like following a teacher, try out classes at the gym or get some exercise videos.  I have never had a gym membership before, but I’ve relied a lot on workout videos.  A great website is – they have 60-second previews of every video, and let you know the length, workout type, skill level, and equipment needed.  They also have reviews by customers which is very helpful. is also great for customer reviews.  It’s a great way to take a look at what’s out there and find a good fit for you.  You can rent lots of them for free from the library.   You can also try exercise tv (free from time warner cable) or good ol’ youtube. 

Are you a morning person?  Does your day get so crazy you can’t even think about exercising once it gets started?  Then workout in the morning, and you will feel so much better during the day.  Some people prefer to workout in the afternoon or at night – go for it!  There are theories that certain times are better than others – the absolute best time to workout is the time that you will do it!  Schedule it into your day so you are prepared for it, because it’s too easy to make excuses and skip it.  Be selfish and get it done – you are not only helping yourself, but making a healthier mommy for your kids, sexxier wife for your hubby or special someone, and setting the ultimate example for your kids. 

Personally, I love to work out at home when I do strength training.  I have adjustable weights (barbell and dumbells) as well as a step, ankle weights, and a yoga mat.  However, I like to do my cardio outdoors.  I will go to the track and do interval training where I alternate sprinting and walking.  Or I will do hill sprints up the sand dune.  Lately, I’ve been walking trails at the park with my family and our dog.  No matter how stressful my day was at work, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a nice walk outdoors. 🙂

It’s important to do strength training (working your muscles, using resistance or bodyweight), cardio (working your heart and improving endurance), and stretching.  But how you do them is up to you, and only you know the best way to motivate yourself and keep it going.  Make sure you use good form and get enough rest.  Consistency is key. 

You should reward yourself based on your efforts, not your results.  If you are not getting the results you desire, then try switching it up and/or working harder.  The body likes to be in a state of homeostasis, or standing still, so it will not improve of you don’t continue to push it further.  That’s why it’s good to switch up your workout routine every 4-6 weeks, whether it’s by adding more reps or sets, increasing resistance, switching up the exercises, going longer distances, etc.  Try something new; you might surprise yourself.  Good luck and keep pushing that sexy body of yours!!!

Comparing yourself to others…

9 Aug

DON’T DO IT!  Everyone is different and have very different body shapes, metabolism, and muscular structure.  But everyone can improve their body and health! It’s incredible what the body can do, so challenge it!

And if you must compare, compare yourself to yourself.  Don’t worry about the rest.  You can get inspired by others and motivated by their commitment, but don’t let yourself get obsessed with other people’s bodies.  It’s especially not fair to compare yourself to people in magazines and photoshoots because they cheat!  They have brilliant make-up artists, stylists who work miracles, and -oh yeah- PHOTOSHOP!

Set your own goals, be ambitious yet realistic, and put in the work.  You can achieve YOUR dream body.

The sand dune!!!

1 Aug

My sister told me about the notorious sand dune in Manhattan Beach. I wanted to go SOOOOOO bad but they shut it down! The neighbors complained about the noise and disruption so they closed it. Well, they re-opened it and I finally went with my sister!

Let me tell you – this hill is no joke. Everyone on it is quickly humbled. After we walked up and “floated” down (so fun!), I wanted to run up the whole thing. Let me tell you – I said “OKAY WALK NOW!” about half way thru cuz I was going to die if we didnt slow down. Seriously, it’s that intense. A couple of partial hill sprints and (the worst ever) hill jumps, I had to sit down and really take a breather. I tried to get up and started blacking out so immediately sat down again lol. But I regained somewhat energy to bust out a few more sprints and we called it a day. My sis was amazing and the whole experience was incredible. I’m def gonna start going every week or two.

If anyone is in the area and interested, I highly recommend it:

It costs a dollar and you have to make a reservation online, but it is soooo worth it. Give it a shot!

“I have two options right now – eat candy or workout”

18 Jul

Luckily, I chose the latter (I must admit I downed a starburst afterwards though!).

I was sitting on the couch and couldn’t stop thinking about the candy in the drawer. But I knew I needed to get my workout in. I realized that I only had two options, and they would take me down two very different paths. If I chose the candy, I probably wouldn’t have stopped until they were all eaten. Then I would lay down and veg some more and find a way to be “too busy” for my workout. If I chose the workout, I would feel much better about myself, sleep better, and make better food choices for the rest of the night. Why is such an obvious decision so hard sometimes??

Here’s to the good decisions we make, even though they can be very hard sometimes.

The Workout Kid

18 Jul

This 10-yr-old kid is an inspiration.  He works out just cuz he loves it.  No weights (he’s too young) – all bodyweight exercises and his growing body is just eating it up.  It’s amazing what the human body is capable of.


Poll time!

3 Jul


(I loves me some polls)

Let me know what you wanna see on here!  I aim to please lol. 


3 Jul

Welcome to Barbie Fitness!  I created this blog to share some knowledge, tips, and motivation.  I’m excited to get started!  Let’s get sexxy ladies! 😉