The sand dune!!!

1 Aug

My sister told me about the notorious sand dune in Manhattan Beach. I wanted to go SOOOOOO bad but they shut it down! The neighbors complained about the noise and disruption so they closed it. Well, they re-opened it and I finally went with my sister!

Let me tell you – this hill is no joke. Everyone on it is quickly humbled. After we walked up and “floated” down (so fun!), I wanted to run up the whole thing. Let me tell you – I said “OKAY WALK NOW!” about half way thru cuz I was going to die if we didnt slow down. Seriously, it’s that intense. A couple of partial hill sprints and (the worst ever) hill jumps, I had to sit down and really take a breather. I tried to get up and started blacking out so immediately sat down again lol. But I regained somewhat energy to bust out a few more sprints and we called it a day. My sis was amazing and the whole experience was incredible. I’m def gonna start going every week or two.

If anyone is in the area and interested, I highly recommend it:

It costs a dollar and you have to make a reservation online, but it is soooo worth it. Give it a shot!


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