About Me

Heeeeey!  I’m Cizzle and I created Barbie Fitness.  ♥

I’ve always had a love for exercising, which I contribute to watching my mom do her Jane Fonda videos.  🙂

Growing up, I was always active.  I was in clubs and sports, short flags, etc.  I would try workouts from magazines and made mini-bootcamps for myself.  But I was also a chocoholic…

I had WAY too much fun senior year.  I can’t count the times I ditched 6th period to get a “CDC” (chocolate dipped cone from McDonalds) and then watch Passions at my friend’s house.  Those were the days…

My friend and I would go to Krispy Kreme and get a dozen donuts…and we would eat the entire dozen before we made it home.  And that wasn’t a one-time thing, sometimes we were going 1-2x week! 

With college came the midnight vending machine trips, and the weight kept packing on.  No joke, I lived off cookie dough and peanut m&ms for 10 days straight. 

I still kept my exercising up, from weight-lifting and kickboxing classes to jogging and tennis.  But it wasn’t enough. 

I had always loved boot camp, and I wanted to experience the real thing.  So I decided to join the Army.  I was almost too big for their weight requirements!  They had to round up my height so I would barely make it!  BCT (Basic Combat Training) was really fun/ terrible and really challenging – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I was the one that everyone hated because after we finished our training, I would yell “More PT Drill Sergeant!”  My fave was the rifle PT.  I ended up doing 40 push-ups (2-min), 69 sit-ups (2-min), and my 2-mile run in 16.50 minutes.  They nicknamed me the “PT Queen”

Right after BCT ended, I married the love of my life and got pregnant the next day.  No time to waste, lol.  I ended up gaining 25 pounds with my pregnancy and then had a big, healthy 8lb13oz baby boy.  I got out of the Army and enjoyed my time with my new family.  I also discovered the library and all of their diet books and workout videos. 

It all started with Denise Austin “Tone Your Tummy Type” – I followed her workout plan and added more of my own.  Then I found collagevideo.com and that opened up the world of workout videos.  All the diet plans were too restrictive and/or cost too much for the specific ingredients.  So I took notes from all of them and made it into something that worked for me.  Everything in moderation, but smarter choices and realistic for my wallet and lifestyle.  I ended up losing not only the 25 pounds baby-weight, but an additional 20 pounds!  I was in the best shape of my life.  It’s been 4 years and I’ve stayed within a 5 lb range.  It’s so weird to see pictures from high school and college because my face alone looks so chubby.  It doesn’t look like me.

I’ve continued to do my research about the latest exercise trends and fad diets, even if I only get a few good tips.  I taught a few exercise classes and absolutely loved it.  I’m so passionate about it, I figured why not get my degree in the field?  So I went to American Military University and finished my education (I already had a couple years at BYU and Cal State LA). 

In September 2010, I’m very proud to say that I achieved my Bachelors of Science in Sports and Health Sciences, with an emphasis in Exercise Science. 

Now, I am ready to use all of my knowledge and experience to help others.  Healthy weight loss and achieving your dream body are easier than you think!  With motivation, smart choices, and some compromise, you can make big changes in your body. 

Let’s get sexy!


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